$20 Sessions - Anytime that is available by a Coach!

This is for someone who is interested in having someone go through and teach them all the right ways to perform a specific movement!!​



Membership Options and Pricing
$15.00 Per Day with No Membership
Monthly Membership Packages
(All These Packages will automatically reoccur)

*Military will receive a 10% additional discount on packages.

3 Days Week - $10.00/Day
(3 Days a week Monday- Friday. CrossFit Class access Only.)

5 Days Week – $7.50/Day
**Best Seller**
(5 Days a week Monday- Friday.)
Also Access to CrossFit Classes + Access to Performance Class Times (During the Week Only)

7 Days Week – All Access
**Weekends Added**
5 Days a Week CrossFit Classes + Performance Class Times + All Access Classes.

(Saturday and Sunday Classes)
$25 Add on to the 5 Day Package.

Monthly Membership Cards  
(Membership Cards are non-reoccurring)

-6 Days - $60.00
In a 1 Month time frame you can choose 6 days Monday-Friday.

-10 Days - $80.00
In a 1 Month time frame you can choose 10 days Monday- Friday.

-14 Days (All Access Card)- $100.00
In a 1 Month time frame you can choose 14 days Monday-Sunday.

Add Ons –
YOGA – First Class is Free then $10/Class
Gymnastics Classes - $10/Class

Families pay ½ price for the Second membership and $25 for each additional Member.