What You Need To Know

Rule #1: Be Nice:   One of CrossFit’s most enticing selling points is the sense of community and camaraderie inherent in the type of work being done in your local box. By fostering competition, cooperation and a network of support within a gym, CrossFit  believes they’ve found a recipe for improving athletes beyond typical means. They’ve also created an incredibly fun place to work out. 

Keep it clean: CrossFit gyms are often big, open areas, but they’re also very clean. Help keep them that way. Sweat, blood, gear,  and chalk may fly around the gym during a given WOD. If it’s coming from you, be sure to clean up after yourself and return equipment you were using to the racks. 

Check your ego at the door: No matter what kind of shape you’re in, with its high intensity, complex movements and heavy loads, CrossFit will be difficult. Don’t get angry if the soccer mom or 16-year-old in your class posts a better time or heavier weight because the competition is also against yourself. 

Push yourself: You can only get stronger, faster and healthier if you continually add weight to your lifts and speed to your movements. Don’t compromise safety, but if you can perform a lift correctly, you can make that lift heavier.

Show support: Group classes create competition, but they shouldn’t create rivalries. Those in your class are struggling against the same weights and movements you are, so they’ll need as much help as you to get through the WOD. If you finish before someone, cheer him or her on or run a final leg with that person. 


Beginner CrossFit.

​1 on 1 Coach/Athlete Private Instructions

(How To Move Safely Through all Functional Movements!!)

**$80 - Athletes will receive (45 Min - 1 Hour) Classes!

**  We will set you up with an instructor and have you come in and learn all the movements and assess your Fitness over the course of the Approximately 3-5 classes. If we feel you need more time we will always make sure you have more time. We do this so we can help you make the movements fit your ability so you can make the change you been wanting!!