*I’m afraid to walk in the door because I don’t know how to do any of those crazy movements. 

Your experience at 334 should be FUN. But, this is about your health and wellness. We run a 1 on 1 extensive new client course to ensure we know your limitations and modify all movements to fit you before your ever allowed in the classes.

*Do I need to be in shape to start CrossFit?
Absolutely NOT! We are here to help improve your quality of life. 
Your muscle definition, increased energy and feeling in shape is a part of the process.

*IS CROSSFIT FOR YOU? What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is defined as “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.”

- Now in English: CrossFit is a conditioning program aimed at helping you reach your fitness goals with an emphasis on performing strength and endurance movements that help you function better in your life. With a wide array of movements (kettle-bell, pull-ups, push-ups, running, rowing - just to name a few) in limitless combinations, you’ll never get bored and your body will never stop making adaptations. All while performing in a small group setting where you will receive personal attention ensuring your safety and proper form are our top priority. 

Why should I join 334 and not 24-hour?

What sets CrossFit 334 apart: 
- Experienced training staff (in total, we hold over 20 certifications)
- Small group training for highly personalized attention.
- On-site amenities (nutrition, full locker rooms, Heat and A/C)
- Thorough programming (you just walk in and we tell you EXACTLY what to do each day)
- Community of like-minded people who are just as invested in your success as you! 
- A variety of class times to meet your scheduling needs. Each class lasts exactly one hour and gets you through warm-up/workout/cool down so you can get in, get out and get on with your day.